As a visual artist I am interested in the way that the architecture can shape our experience of space through its constant interaction with the body. I am always attracted to the way that scale, light, materials and the tactile qualities of the built environment affect our physical and psychological place sense of space.

Current concerns include an interest in the tensions between rigid structures and fluid forms which enables me to explore the friction between male and female perceptions and treatments of space. By combining fragments of architectural structures with more domestic and bodily forms, I look for new ways of using materials to enhance a tactile experience of space.


My practice, although often created off site, once introduced to the site begins to respond and react to it. Objects, strucutres, photographs and/or projections are used to add a new sensibility and narrative. Soft and hard materials are used to communicate ideas and provoke sensations of touch, of materiality and conflicting surfaces, of bodies moving through space in relation to scale, form, light and gender.